Dish AvailabilityComparing DISH Network to DirecTV is like comparing apples and oranges. Although both companies offer television programming, they couldn’t be more different. DISH has the most satisfied customers, and it has been rated first for more than eight years. When you sign up for DISH, you’ll be eligible for Hopper, which extends DVR access to every TV in the home. That level of service isn’t available through DirecTV. When it comes to customer service, DirecTV pales in comparison to DISH in CITY. DISH offers 24-hour customer service, and you can call for help seven days a week. The same can’t be said for DirecTV, which means that you could be left hanging if you run into trouble.

Have you ever used a DVR and been disappointed with what you got? Did its memory get full too quickly? All too often, cable and satellite providers offer low prices on DVRs, but it turns out that the DVRs have woefully small amounts of disk space. That’s never an issue with DISH in CITY. You’ll get a DVR that can store up to 55 hours of HD recordings at a time or up to 350 hours of regular recordings. As far as HD programming goes, DISH is second to none. It’s easy to see why people who love HD love DISH Network.

Finding the right package is easy with DISH Network, so you never have to compromise by paying for channels that you don’t need or want. If international programming is a top priority, you’re going to be thrilled with DISH. There are m more than 150 international channels available, and they span across 28 different languages. A variety of money-saving packages is also available, and special promotions are offered on a regular basis. CITY customers save a lot of money by signing up for family packages, sports packages and other special packages through DISH Network. Excellent deals are also available on premium movie channels like Starz, Showtime and HBO.